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The premiere HVAC specialists serving Binghamton, NY and the surrounding area.


Air Conditioning

Zabadal Plumbing Heating & AC offers a number of high quality, energy efficient Air Conditioning systems in Binghamton, Johnson City, and Port Crane, NY. We install LG, Mitsubishi, Ruud, and SpacePak systems. We also provide service for a variety of other systems.

For more information about the solutions we install and their many benefits over other systems, as well as a list of other brands we service, be sure to visit our Air Conditioning page.


Heating Solutions

In regards to heating systems Zabadal Inc. installs Ruud, Viessmann, LG, and Mitsubishi.

For more information on these systems and the different systems Zabadal services and repairs, we encourage you to visit our Heating Solutions page.



Zabadal Inc. also offers a variety of plumbing services.

Whether you’re looking for the highest quality:

  • Traditional tank hot water heater
  • A new, energy efficient and space saving wall-mounted tankless (on-demand) hot water heater
  • Or the most durable PEX plumbing to virtually eliminate the risk of burst pipes during those cold winter months

Zabadal has the solution and installation expertise to ensure your choice both functions and looks great.

Remember- high quality products coupled with superb installation will save you time and money in the future.

For more information on the various products we install and service, please visit our Plumbing Services page.


Backup Generators

We also offer home backup generator installation and servicing. If you’re looking for a reliable and dependable unit with an unbelievable warranty, look no further than the Generac and Ruud generators we install.

For more on the dependable and durable generators we install, check out our Backup Generators page.


Bathroom Remodeling

With so many years of plumbing knowledge, Zabadal Inc. has been able to expand their service offerings into the custom bathroom remodeling field.

If you’re looking for the bathroom of your dreams while simultaneously adding tremendous value to your home, be sure to visit our Bathroom Remodeling page.


Drinking Systems

Another service we’ve been able to expand our business to offer is the installation and servicing of various water systems including water softeners and Reverse Osmosis drinking systems.

If you’re interested in extending the life of your appliances and plumbing, using fewer cleaning chemicals around the house, and having safer drinking water, the visit the Drinking Systems page.

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