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Products Installed by Zabadal:

Many of the Air Conditioning systems installed by Zabadal Plumbing Heating & AC are rated in the 2014 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rankings.

To see if the system you’re interested in is highly rated, click here to visit the ENERGY STAR site or just call Mike directly at (607) 797-4702.


LG Air Conditioning Binghamton, NY

LG Duct-Free Systems

A leading innovator in the field, LG recently released their new line of duct-free systems, Art Cool.

Art Cool is a ductless system that’s mounted on an interior wall and made to look like a painting.

Because of LG’s efforts, the company was recently awarded the Excellence in Design Gold Award 2013 by appliance DESIGN Magazine.

LG was also awarded the Silver Award in the 2013 Dealer Design Awards Program for the HVAC High Efficiency Residential Equipment category.

Here are a few of the features of a LG ductless system:

    • Multi-purpose- it both heats and cools


    • Superior Design- increases airflow by 29%


    • 4-Way Swing Disperses Air Quickly


    • Ultra quiet (listen to the video below)


    • Stylish design- the first of it’s kind to offer a decorative solution to a wall mounted duct-free system


    • Quick and easy to install- Zabadal can install a unit at your house in about half a day


  • Unbelievable Warranty- 5 year warranty on parts and 7 year warranty on compressors

LG High Efficiency Air Conditioning Binghamton

Here’s a short video on how Art Cool looks on an interior wall as well as how it functions:

To open a PDF document detailing the many features of LG’s Art Cool, click here to open in a new window.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Binghamton

The cost-effective and efficient technology powering the current Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems has been constantly evolving and improving since the 1950s.

Zabadal installed Mitsubishi systems allow home and business owners to enjoy lower energy bills and individual comfort control.

All this with minimal impact on your structure as a result of products featuring both ductless and limited length ducted systems.

Mitsubishi Electric split-zoning technology is the primary method used by Zabadal Inc. for conditioning spaces around the Greater Binghamton area.

Split-zoning systems allow each room to be controlled independently from other rooms which ultimately provides individualized control in each room of your home or business.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning features advanced technology allowing you to enjoy both comfort and control with minimal energy consumption.

Mitsubishi Electric systems use two small refrigerant lines plus power and control wiring to connect an outdoor unit to each individual air handler.

Again, this allows Zabadal Inc. to efficiently install a new system in both existing homes and new construction projects.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Binghamton, NY

Features Of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Systems:

    • Reliable Performance- advanced processors provide computing power in the indoor and outdoor units as well as the remote controllers


    • Efficient Performance- Multiple sensors to maintain coil temperature for optimal capacity


    • Improve Indoor Air Quality- enhanced filtration systems featuring multiple layers designed to remove both allergens and odors


    • Consistent Comfort Scanners- built in sensors scan the upper and lower areas of a room to detect fluctuations and adjust temperature and airflow settings automatically


  • Smart Controls on the wall or in your hand provide perfect function, temperature selection, and mode selection plus various timer and program options

These features of a Mitsubishi Electric system enables Zabadal Inc. to install the energy efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly solution you’re looking for.


Ruud Air Conditioning Systems

Ruud Air Conditioning Binghamton NY

Over a century ago, founder Edwin Ruud, a mechanical engineer from Norway, immigrated to America where he designed and developed the first successful automatic water heater.

This event is ultimately what began the tradition of innovation and value associated with Ruud heating and air conditioning products.

Since the development of the water heater, Ruud has steadily grown into one of North America’s largest manufacturers of quality air conditioning equipment for both residential and light commercial use.

Although there is an ever expanding product line as the company grows and develops, what has remained constant is their commitment to designing and building the most reliable, longest-lasting, efficient equipment available.

All Ruud products are regularly tested and certified by 3rd party testing labs as well as government organizations to ensure that their high quality standards not only meet, but exceed these tests.

In fact, the nation’s leading consumer products magazine recently reported that tens of thousands of homeowners throughout the United States have reported that Ruud central air conditioning systems are the most reliable (this conclusion was based on the lowest incidence of repairs).

Click here to open a PDF document of Ruud’s Limited Warranty Guide in a new window.


High-Velocity Central Air Conditioning by SpacePak

High Velocity Air Conditioning Binghamton NY

Through years of developing and perfecting the technology of small-duct, high-velocity central air conditioning systems, SpacePak has become the leading innovator in the field. A SpacePak system offers home owners year-round comfort.

Additionally, the design allows Zabadal to deliver an installation with minimal interruption to your home’s existing architecture when compared to other central heating and air-conditioning systems.

    • Removes 30% more humidity than ordinary systems improving your home’s energy efficiency


    • Actively circulates air to eliminate temperature inconsistencies and drafts


    • Operates very quietly


    • Small design enables for installation with no existing duct work and minimal to no loss of usable floor space


    • Minimal material removal to install allowing your home to retain its architectural style


    • Flexibility of material prevents collection of mold, mildew, and other allergens from collecting in the ducts


  • Optional PurePak will clean the air of harmful particles in the air (pollen, smoke, etc.)



ComfortStar has a variety of duct-free systems available. Additionally, the company’s value approach makes efficient heating and cooling of your space(s) affordable for nearly any budget.

ComfortStar features Inverter technology that allow this product to offer the following benefits to the consumer:

  1. Eliminate compressor hard starts which is the main cause of high power consumption.
  2. Reach set temperature quicker compared to conventional systems.
  3. Maintain steady room temperature for better comfort.
  4. Quiet operation.
  5. High efficiency systems.
  6. Built-in low ambient kit for Heating and Cooling operation when the outdoor ambient temperature decreases to 5?F.
  7. Self-diagnostics led?s on the outdoor unit main board and intelligent error codes displayed on indoor unit digital display for easy servicing and troubleshooting.

Additionally, ComfortStar offers 4 types of indoor unit venting systems: traditional wall mounted, cassette, floor-ceiling, and fan coil.

Here is an image of a cassette unit:

ComfortStar Cassette Unit

The cassette unit dimensions, on average, are 22.5″ wide and long and only 10″ in depth.

Here’s an image of a fan coil unit:

ComfortStar Fan Coil Unit

The dimensions on this unit are 36.2″ wide, 25″ in height, and 8.3″ deep.

Finally, here’s a picture of a ComfortStar Floor Ceiling Indoor Unit:

ComfortStar Floor Ceiling Unit

The dimensions for a unit like this are 39″ wide, 26″ high, and 8″ deep.


Heat and A/C Products Serviced by Zabadal:

  • Rheem
  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Bryant
  • Lennox
  • Tempstar
  • Heil
  • York
  • Ducane
  • Air Temp
  • SpacePak
  • Unico
  • Mitsubishi
  • LG
  • Fujitsu
  • Goodman
  • Amana

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