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Viessmann Hot Water Boilers

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading manufacturers of heating systems. Started back in 1917, the family business has grown steadily and now has a staff of over 11,000 people.

Viessmann is famous for constantly setting the technological pace within the heating industry.

The variety of efficient systems for all sources of energy enables Zabadal to offer customers the best possible option for their specific needs and wants.

As pioneers when it comes to their systems’ environmental impact, the company has been manufacturing efficient and clean oil and gas heating systems for decades.

More recently, Viessmann has expanded their products to include solar thermal systems as well as heating systems for biomass and heat pumps.

Viessmann feels a long-standing responsibility to protect the environment and to preserve natural resources to the fullest extent.


Viessmann Heating Solutions

Viessmann Hot Water Boiler Binghamton NY

Viessmann products allow Zabadal to offer the right heating system for any need. Additionally, Viessmann’s pursuit of improved technology has resulted in both wall mounted or floor-standing units.

It makes no difference whether you need a system for detached or two-family houses, for large residential buildings, for commercial properties, or for local heating networks.

Here is a list of the Viessmann solutions installed by Zabadal:

  • Condensing technology for oil and gas
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Wood combustion systems
  • CHP modules
  • Biogas plants

If you want a great looking, high performing hot water boiler installed, call Zabadal Inc. to schedule your free quote.

Hot Water Boiler Installation by Zabadal Binghamton, NY


Radiant Floor Heating Systems By Uponor

Over 40 years ago, Uponor, formerly Wirsbo, was the first company to bring the concept of radiant floor heating to the United States.

Focused on constant innovation and product improvement, Uponor is now able to offer Zabadal customers the energy efficient luxury of a radiant floor heating system as a value-priced solution to home comfort.

In an Uponor radiant floor heating system, warm water heated through a wall-mounted boiler flows through flexible, durable cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing located under the floor.

The warmth radiates up from the floor to warm objects and people in a room.

Here’s an image from the Uponor website to give you a better idea of how it works compared to a forced hot air system:

Zabadal Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning- Uponor Radiant Heat Flooring System Installation

Water has a capacity to transport energy 3,500 times greater than air, so it can heat (and even cool) using less energy than a forced-air system.

This is one of the primary features that allows an Uponor Radiant Floor System to be so energy efficient and significantly lowers your monthly energy bills.

In fact, customers around the Greater Binghamton area who have a Zabadal, Inc. installed Uponor radiant floor heating system have reported that they are warmer and more comfortable with the thermostat at a lower setting than they were with their previous forced hot air system at a higher thermostat setting!


Gastite- Safe Natural Gas Delivery

Based in Portland, Tennessee, Gastite has been a leading innovator in fuel gas piping for over 20 years.

Gastite continues to set the industry standard by offering superior products and world-class customer service, right here in America.

Not only is the Gastite system safe for both natural gas and liquefied propane gas, but it’s efficient design saves installation time.

Gastite tubes feature a corrugated, semi-rigid stainless steel tubing with a polyethylene jacket which encapsulates the tubing. Additionally, the tubes are manufactured with fully integrated, all-metal components.

Gastite offers a comprehensive system of fittings and accessories allowing Zabadal Inc. the tools to make your heating or cooling system to look as great as it performs.

Gastite also features a complete line of polyethylene tubing and accessories for burial applications.

In a nutshell, Gastite products are safer, durable, and more reliable than competing products.


Ruud Furnace Installation Binghamton, NY

Ruud Furnaces

If you read our Air Conditioning page, you know that all Ruud products meet and exceed the rigorous industry standards for both reliability as well as quality.

However, as an educated consumer, we’re sure you want more information on Ruud as well as furnaces in general.

Here’s are four common questions and answers from the Ruud website.


What do good furnaces have in common?

The best furnaces are efficient. They keep a home warm and comfortable. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year.

They are also quiet, long-lasting and low in service frequency and cost.


Which furnaces are energy efficient?

When a furnace loses or wastes heat, it requires more energy to keep your home warm. Some furnaces lose heat through the walls of the furnace cabinet. Energy-efficient furnaces like Ruud?s full line of state-of-the-art models significantly reduce this loss with a blanket of insulation that lines the inside of the cabinet walls.

When a gas furnace is not in operation, most send a steady, wasteful draft of warm household air traveling up the venting system and out the roof. The Ruud Classic? Series and Classic? Plus Lines ? feature an induced-draft blower that works in conjunction with a hot surface ignition system to pull hot gases through the heat exchanger at a constant and controlled rate of flow. As the burner cycles off, the draft blower stops, keeping the heating air in the system.

Pilot lights also can be wasteful. The electric ignition in many of Ruud?s furnaces eliminates the need for a constantly burning pilot. This feature alone gives up to 6% higher efficiency. And in combination with an induced-draft blower, can improve furnace efficiency by over 20%.

Most gas furnaces vent combustion by-products and gases by allowing the warm air to rise naturally. However, on occasion, proper venting of combustion by-products may be restricted due to blockage, deterioration of venting systems, malfunctions or other causes.

Forced Hot Air System Binghamton, NY

The Ruud induced-draft blower maintains a constant draft through the heat exchanger, which assures proper venting of the furnace combustion chamber. Ruud also features a pressure switch which continuously monitors venting; and in the event it senses a vent flow restriction, it will automatically shut down your heating system for your safety.

The most efficient furnaces tap the energy of the hot vent gases ? which can reach temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and more. The Ruud 90 Plus? gas furnace does this by routing the hot gases through a secondary heat exchanger. This step captures the otherwise wasted heat?using it to preheat the household air?and delivers AFUE ratings up to 94.5%

A high-efficiency furnace generally wears a higher price tag, but it can make up the difference by reducing operating costs over the long run. And with today?s consumer interest in efficiency, such equipment enhances the bottom line of your home.


Are some furnaces better than others?

Definitely. Features to look for include heat exchangers that resist corrosion, direct-drive blower units, induced draft blowers, pressure switches, and an insulated blower compartment, which helps minimize operating noise.

You also should ask your dealer if the manufacturer of the brand you?re considering quality-checks and tests every unit before it leaves the plant.

And be sure to check out the terms of the Limited Warranty. Quality manufacturers put a convincing warranty behind their work. Ruud furnaces, which include all the features described here, offer one of the very best. Even the primary and secondary heat exchangers in the Ruud 90 PLUS are protected by a Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty.


What should I look for in a dealer?

Dependability. Look for a dealer you see in your community. You want one who?s close by to provide you faster, more convenient service.

The dealer should offer a recognized name brand should have a well-stocked inventory of replacement parts. You wouldn?t want to sit out a mid-summer heat wave waiting for a simple repair!

One way to be sure you?ll get good service is to contact a neighborhood Ruud dealer.

Your local Ruud dealer is knowledgeable, dependable, and as good as any you?ll find in the home.


Repairs and Service

Rinnai Hot Water Boiler Binghamton, NY

Zabadal Plumbing Heating & AC in Binghamton? is not only able to service the products they install, but they also have the knowledge to service and repair the following brands:

Hot Water Boilers Serviced:

  • Dunkirk
  • Utica
  • Burnham
  • Buderus
  • Weil-McLain
  • Rinnai
  • Baxi

Baseboard Products Serviced and Installed:

  • Slant/Fin
  • Haden

Forced Hot Air Furnaces Serviced:

  • Williamson

Gas Fireplace Insert Binghamton NY

Zoning Systems Serviced and Installed:

  • Arzel

Thermostat Replacement:

  • Honeywell

Zabadal Inc. also installs gas insert fireplaces.

To your right is a picture of an insert we installed in Sunrise Terrace in the Town of Dickinson.

Not only will you and your family enjoy the comfortable heat it provides during the winter months, but your pets will love it just as much as you do!

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